For my lovely Cassandra :3


It was another boring afternoon, with nothing to do, so I decided to scroll down my twitter page. Someone I was following had repeatedly posted a link for a YouTube video, curiosity got the better of me, and I clicked it. Young Forever by Jay-Z started playing, and words were bouncing around the…

Just left with my thoughts again

i dont even know who follows me on here anymore. or if anyone even uses this? ahah!!

my blogs pretty deserted so i might aswell use this for myself.

its abit overwhelming always staying positive !
im not like “sad” like i used to be. but now people seem to think im just always larger than life and im okay. they seem to think i no longer feel down or lonely, or never seen encouragement, because im here using facebook & instagram to encourage others.

i feel kind of consumed and its weird. like ahhh. idkkk.

im not fixed. but im healing. LING, HeaLING. im not healed. i dont think i ever will be 100% bc too much damage has been done.

but like. idk i feel like my heads in the clouds of helping people and i think i need to step backk and take a breather!

but i cant, im just like… dftscw534tq3wWAES

Hi i saw that you have a smiley piercing, i did mine today and i was wondering how long does it takes to heal?

Mine only took a week or so! I never really felt it after it was pierced anyways ! Sorry for the late reply! X